Oh Lordy…… “The SLEEP”!!!!!

I’m in awe of how deeply I’m sleeping and dreaming. At 46 yrs old peri-menopause wrecked havoc on my sleep. I starting gaining lots of weight. I actually woke up heavier then when I went to sleep. Little did I know then how important sleep was for maintaining health. I do now!!

About 7 years later I found my hormone protocol that I am still on. For 3 years I slept soundly again w/o help. For the last 10 years I have needed help and then at best I would get 3-4 hours straight and then maybe a couple hours more spread out before morning. I never felt totally rested. I always knew HGH was the missing hormone since I work in the hormone world.

Over the years I contemplated getting pharmaceutical HGH. I was even offered a huge discount from the pharmacy, but it still was a lot of money and it still had the potential of side effects.

Two months ago The HGH Gel fell in my lap. I was not looking for anything to do, to share, to take. But I was praying to be able to sleep again. I don’t believe in accidents of this kind. I’m forever grateful!

There’s lots of other fabulous things happening but 8/9 hours of deep sleep wins the prize for me. I’m so excited about what life will look like after August!

Thank you Alexy Goldstein.

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…Caren Abdela

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