I started on the gel the 2nd week of April 2018.

My bloodwork up to that point had always been totally out of whack.

HBP, high cholesterol, high sugar, and most concerning, rising PSA levels.

In West Palm last year I was asked to speak about my experience with Somaderm.  My bloodwork then had dramatically improved, in nearly every category. I was amazed and relieved.

I just received results from my most recent labs last Friday, and the numbers were mind-boggling.

I had one of my knees replaced in February, so I have not been exercising as I would like. I was not expecting good numbers. Sugars were perfect (for the first time that I can remember), cholesterol perfect, blood pressure was spot on. EVERYTHING was perfect. So much so that my doctor, who was wary of our product last year, bought a bottle from me.

I will get my PSA tested in June, but that went from 5.0 to 2.4 last time. My urologist had no explanation.

I will never stop taking Somaderm. As Danelle said in one of her posts, some people get frustrated too soon. I think they expect results in weeks, not months.

Improved physical appearance is only one of the possible advantages of taking our product.

Look inside as well.

You may be amazed!